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Minister Vafeadis clarifies penalties for traffic violations

The transport minister clarified penalties for right turn and red light violations while highlighting road safety concerns


Transport Minister Alexis Vafeadis addressed inquiries about potential reductions in fines related to traffic cameras during his appearance on SIGMA TV.  Regarding the right turn arrow, Minister Vafeadis clarified that no penalties are imposed as long as drivers enter the intersection lawfully. He also emphasized that individuals who believe they have been wrongly penalized can file objections. Consequently, the issue of right-turn violations has been resolved.

Minister Vafeadis went on to explain that a €25 fine is imposed if a driver crosses the alt (alternate) line. He noted that measures have been taken to enhance intersection visibility to facilitate better comprehension for drivers.

In reference to red light violations, which carry a €300 fine, Minister Vafeadis suggested a distinction between two separate aspects. The first pertains to drivers who run a red light, endangering both their lives and the lives of others. Minister Vafeadis emphasized the gravity of this offense, acknowledging the potential for reducing the fine but underscoring the importance of maintaining the seriousness of the matter.

The second aspect concerns individuals who enter lanes designated for pedestrians. Minister Vafeadis mentioned that in collaboration with the Minister of Justice, experts who formulated these fines will be reevaluated to ensure road safety and to differentiate between the two offenses. The goal is to ensure that running a red light and entering pedestrian lanes are not penalized in the same manner.

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