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Ministers focus on prevention in school drug crisis

Over 100 cases a year, Michaelidou and Prokopiou to take action


Last week, Ministers of Education and Justice, along with the Deputy Governor of YKAN, convened to address the escalating concern of drug-related incidents in schools.

The meeting, held at the Ministry of Justice, delved into the extent of the issue and proposed preventive measures. Recent pan-European surveys highlight a significant number of youths experimenting with drugs, prompting a need for urgent action.

To combat this rising challenge, it was agreed that the Department of Education would collaborate with the Ministry of Justice in overseeing councils addressing offenses.

A notable suggestion emerged to include parents' associations in these councils, fostering a community-oriented approach. Simultaneously, efforts will intensify to actively engage teachers in preventing drug-related incidents among students.

With the YKAN reporting over 100 cases annually of individuals aged 15-19 involved in drugs, primarily possession with rare instances of trafficking, the need for comprehensive intervention is evident.

More than 300 students yearly are referred to programs aimed at keeping them away from drugs, emphasizing a rehabilitative approach over punitive measures.

Acknowledging the gravity of the issue, the meeting emphasized the real but controllable nature of the drug problem in schools. Trained teacher-cells and lectures by Drug Enforcement Agency members contribute to the proactive stance against drug use.

Ministers Athena Michaelidou and Anna Koukkidi Prokopiou are committed to vigilant monitoring, aiming for preventive interventions to obviate the necessity for punitive actions.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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