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Mobile waste collection to hit Larnaca's streets Nov 21-24

ANEL and the environmental department lead the charge


In a concerted effort to address environmental concerns, the Environmental Department, in partnership with ANEL, is spearheading a project titled "Separate Collection and Management of Hazardous Household Waste."

This initiative, funded by the Norwegian Grants Programming 2014–2021, aims to guide the public on the proper handling of diverse items such as cleaning products, printer inks/toners, paints/stains, dyes, solvents, varnishes, and lubricants.

Beyond waste management, the project also focuses on community engagement, with plans to keep the public and students from interested schools well-informed.

This educational aspect aims to instill proper practices for the safe disposal of hazardous household waste.

As we navigate towards a greener future, this collaborative endeavor stands as a testament to the commitment of local authorities and international support in promoting responsible environmental practices.

Stay tuned for updates on how your household can contribute to a cleaner, safer planet.

[With information sourced from Larnaka Online]

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