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More than 1,500 fines handed out to e-scooter drivers

Authorities cracking down on unauthorized movements and safety violations since new legislation

Ioanna Kyriakou

Since the implementation of the Personal Mobility Devices Legislation on September 1, 2022, the police have issued more than 1,500 extrajudicial fines to e-scooter drivers. According to data obtained by "K", a total of 1,532 complaints were filed as of June 22, 2023, with the majority related to the unauthorized use of e-scooters in restricted areas, reaching a count of 918.

Among the fines issued, 279 were for not wearing a protective helmet, 106 for using e-scooters outside designated traffic lanes, 77 for operating them on motorways or expressways, 53 for failing to display fluorescent badges, 35 for not using headlights while riding, 26 for carrying objects attached to the device, 13 for not giving priority to pedestrians in crosswalks or bike lanes, 7 for obstructing pedestrian movement in permitted areas, 5 for disregarding signals from traffic police, 4 for not signaling intentions, 3 for obstructive parking in pedestrian zones, 3 for ignoring traffic signs and lights, and 2 for exceeding the speed limit by over 10 km/h in squares or pavements. Additionally, 1 fine was issued for the use of e-scooters by individuals under the age of 14.

It should be noted that violations of these regulations result in ex gratia fines ranging from €50 to €85. According to the legislation, fines of €85 are imposed on individuals under 14 years of age, those exceeding the prescribed speed limit, not wearing helmets, and not following traffic signs and lights. On the other hand, fines of €50 are imposed for various infractions such as riding without lights and outside designated lanes, as well as parking or abandoning e-scooters in cycle lanes or roadways.


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