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New 'test to stay' procedure in place for children who are vaccinated or were infected

Beginning Tuesday, February 1st

Source: CNA

A new procedure, with regards to the 'test to stay' program, will apply from Tuesday onward for children who are fully vaccinated and 7 months have not elapsed or for children who got infected from covid and 90 days have not elapsed, the Health Ministry announced.

According to the announcement, close contacts who are fully vaccinated or were infected do not have to self-isolate, but will have to take a rapid test on the 3rd and 5th.  They are also advised to take a rapid test or a PCR on the 7th day.

All locations operating as 'test to stay' centers will be operating daily from 0700-0800. All high school students are advised to proceed between 07:00 – 07:30 so that they don`t miss classes.

The Ministry reminds all that test to stay is an optional measure and applies to all students who are close contacts of confirmed cases. These students were detected as close contacts in school, as per protocol.

All contacts who are unvaccinated or were administered the 1st dose, or are fully vaccinated but 7 months have elapsed or were infected and 90 days have elapsed have the option to self isolate for 10 days as the protocol says and exit the isolation on the 7th day with a negative rapid or PCR test.  They may also proceed to 'test to stay' spots to undergo a rapid test for 7 consecutive days since the day they were detected as close contact (weekends excluded).

The Ministry points out that this measure applies during school hours only.  During after-school hours the children need to be isolated and cannot attend any after-school activities. They should also avoid using public transportation.

Absences of children while they undergo the rapid test for 'test to stay' purposes are justified. Ιf a child is tested positive in the afternoon, his/her contacts at school can take the test to stay option.

All primary school students who reside in remote towns or in the mountains will be accommodated via the mobile units which will visit their schools.

All students need to be accompanied by a guardian or a parent.

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