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Non-emergency surgeries to resume

The announcement follows a decision by the Council of Ministers

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The Organization for Public Health Services (OKYPY) announced today the resumption of non-emergency surgeries in its hospitals.  Priority will be given to patients whose surgeries were postponed due to the pandemic and those with deteriorating health conditions.

The announcement follows a decision by the Council of Ministers.

According to OKYPY, the decision to resume non-emergency surgeries was taken after a consultation between OKYPY and the Minister of Health. The approval was based on the improved situation in hospitals through the reduction and stabilization of the number of COVID-19 patients.  Furthermore, the scheduling of non-emergency surgeries began on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

35,000 surgeries are performed in OKYPY hospitals on an annual basis, either general or specialized and are performed by either local or foreign surgeons.

OKYPY is the largest provider of health services in Cyprus and continues to modernize and upgrade its services based on a long-term strategic plan focused on the patient.

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