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Outdoor work from 11am to 5pm prohibited

Labour Department implements strict measures due to extreme temperatures

Source: CNA

Both heavy and moderate work outdoors is prohibited between 11am and 5pm on Friday, according to the Labour Inspections Department, due to a red warning for extremely high temperature.

Work involving the transport or delivery of products, such as food or mail, by two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles) or personal mobility devices (scooters and e-scooters), is also prohibited between 12 noon and 4pm.

The red level warning for mandatory work stoppage, concerns inland areas (any areas with an altitude of less than 300 metres, which are more than 10 kilometres away from the coast), as well as the mountainous areas at an altitude of more than 1150 metres.

In other cooler areas of the island, where the work stoppage order does not apply, the law still requires outdoor workers carrying out moderate to heavy work to implement appropriate health and safety measures to be facilitated by employers, and to monitor thermal load which is influenced by factors such as humidity.


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