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Parents charged with child endangerment

Two-year-old boy in Paphos reunited with parents after he was found wandering about near his home


A foreign couple in Paphos has been charged with exposing a child to harm after their two-year-old was said to have been out and about late at night near the village square.

Sources told Knews that a married couple, one spouse from Poland and the other from Egypt, put their young son to bed Tuesday night at their home in Emba village, just north of Paphos. But when the parents went to check on the boy, they couldn’t find him in his bed and immediately a search had began in the area.

Police told Knews they were notified about a missing child while a concerned citizen, a local woman according to some media, was said to have spotted the two-year-old boy near the village square around 9:30pm and handed it over to police.

The boy’s house was said to be located near the village square but the exact distance was not made clear. 

Officers took the boy to the Central Police Station in Paphos and left him in the care of Child Services officials, while the parents were later taken to the station around 11pm and charged under child endangerment laws.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the boy was later reunited with his parents who had received a warning from district officials.

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