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Peristeris makes history at FCI World Dog Show

Ancient Greek hunting breed makes its mark at the World Dog Show


A skilled hunter hailing from Chania has captured the spotlight at the FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale World Dog Show 2023 in Geneva, garnering attention as a proud representative of Crete and Greece. According to a report on Greek Reporter, the star of the show was none other than "Peristeris," a male Kritikos Lagonikos canine, belonging to the ancient breed that traces its roots back almost 6,000 years. Giannis Perrakis, owner of "Peristeris" and a resident of Chania, witnessed his cherished companion take center stage at the highly anticipated World Morphology Exhibition 2023.

Under the adept guidance of Nikos Anetakis, President of the Cretan Hound Club in Heraklion, "Peristeris" not only participated but left an indelible mark by securing top honors at the prestigious event hosted in Switzerland. Distinguished Lithuanian Judge Ramune Kazlauskaite meticulously evaluated the entrants, and "Peristeris" proudly clinched the "1st" place, in addition to securing the titles of Best Adult Male, Best of Breed, and the coveted Geneva World Cup Winner 2023.

The Cretan Hound, often referred to as the "Living Legend," epitomizes a primal breed that has thrived for centuries within the rugged landscapes of Crete. This remarkable breed, blending the characteristics of both sight and scent hounds, boasts exceptional agility and endurance, rendering it a formidable hare hunter. Gaining international acclaim as one of the finest hare hunters globally, the Kritikos Lagonikos has long been shrouded in mystery, adding to its allure.

Sharing his impressions from Geneva, Nikos Anetakis recounted his experiences, regaling captivating anecdotes. The transition from a tumultuous journey to the serene streets of Geneva, where a diverse array of purebred dogs strolled alongside their owners, left Anetakis in awe. The unexpected outpouring of support from locals and fellow dog enthusiasts played a pivotal role in alleviating the pressures of the event, as reported by Greek Reporter.

Throughout the exhibition, "Peristeris" impeccably showcased the quintessential traits of the Cretan Hound: composure, serenity, and intelligence. Though Giannis Perrakis couldn't be present, he voiced his elation at his dog's accomplishments, underscoring their significance for all Kritikos Lagonikos dog enthusiasts. Perrakis noted that this triumph marks the inception of their journey toward global recognition.

However, despite its status as Europe's oldest hunting breed, the Kritikos Lagonikos has yet to secure comprehensive international acknowledgment. The breed earned recognition from the Kennel Club of Greece (KOE) in 2003 and subsequently garnered attention in Germany. This appearance at the World Dog Show marks a pivotal stride towards solidifying the ancient breed's prominence on the global platform.

The journey to Geneva for Anetakis, along with his colleague Charis Arvanitis and their loyal companion "Peristeris," was made feasible through the united endeavors of various organizations and individuals. Collaborative forces such as the Kennel Club of Greece (KOE), The First Hunting Federation of Crete & Dodecanese (AKOKD), and the Cretan Hound Club converged to orchestrate this historic milestone.

[With information sourced from Greek Reporter]

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