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Return of students to schools postponed one week

The Cyprus Education Minister said schools will receive students of all levels on September 14 rather than September 7, due to the high temperatures, humidity, radiation, and dust levels


A one-week delay in the reopening of schools was decided on Friday, Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said, after a broad meeting with education organizations and organized parents of all educational levels.

Prodromou said schools will receive students on September 14, rather than September 7, with the last-minute decision coming after education organizations and organized parents called for a postponement of the reopening of schools due to the current heatwave tormenting Cyprus.

During the press conference on Friday afternoon, Prodromou said the decision to delay the return of students to classrooms for one week was due to the high temperatures, humidity, radiation and dust levels in the Cyprus atmosphere.

On September 14, first graders will go to school at 9:30am instead of 7:45am, Prodromou said, allowing parents to accompany them into the school if they want to. Parents taking their children to nursery schools can also arrange with the schools to receive permission to accompany their children into the premises, Prodromou said.

During their first day back at school, children will be informed on health protocols and safety rules, while secondary school students and parents will be handed a relevant information package.

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