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Russia extends consular services to its citizens in the occupied side

Boosting support and access amidst complex geopolitics

Source: CNA

Moscow will provide consular services to Russian citizens in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus in a manner that aligns with its national interests, stated Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, in response to queries from the press regarding the Republic of Cyprus' reaction to Russia's consular services for its citizens residing in the island's Turkish-occupied regions.

She emphasized that Russia has been actively working to enhance the mechanisms and procedures for delivering consular services to its citizens living in the northern part of the island for a significant period.

Zakharova stressed the importance of ensuring that Russian citizens, regardless of their location, have proper access to effective consular assistance and support, affirming that these efforts will be ongoing while serving the national interests of Russia.

Russian diplomatic sources have indicated that consultations between Russia and the Republic of Cyprus regarding the provision of consular services in the Turkish-occupied areas are ongoing.

Cyprus has remained divided since 1974 following Turkey's invasion and occupation of its northern third. Despite multiple rounds of UN-led peace talks, a resolution remains elusive. The entity in the occupied areas is recognized only by Turkey.

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