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Where does the 12% tax revenue go?

Government criticized over collected funds

Newsroom / CNA

The Turkish Cypriot press is discussing recent land sales in the occupied area today. According to the Press and Information Office, the "Güneş" newspaper reported that Hasan Sungur, who leads the Real Estate Agents Union, supports businessman Ali Osman Safa's warning to politicians. Safa cautioned against making the property crisis worse, and Sungur agrees that this warning is valid and reasonable.

Highlighting that 1001.2 acres of land were sold under contract and 1,163 acres of land were sold through property title sales, Mr. Sungur said, "It is reported that 1 million 453 thousand acres of Greek Cypriot property remained in the northern part of the island. Therefore, the land that was sold is not even a thousandth of it."

Reacting to the criticism of some politicians that agricultural land was opened for construction, Mr. Sungur stated, "When did St. Ambrose become the center of agriculture? I haven't seen a single greenhouse in St. Ambrose." Noting that the claims that 'there will be a property crisis by the end of the year' have started to be confirmed, Mr. Sungur added, "Sales have stopped. One of the main reasons for the halt in sales is that the government wants a 12% tax on these houses."

"Where did this 12% come from? Where did the money collected here go? If this matter goes to the constitutional court, it will certainly be canceled," he concluded.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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