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Sunbathing pair arrested after causing scene with police

In addition to the two that were spotted sunbathing, in violation of coronavirus decrees, police also cuffed two more who tried to help the pair break free of police


Limassol police patrolling the beaches on Sunday arrested four people in what a video that has gone viral locally showed to be a heated altercation as the beachgoers initially resisted arrest.

The incident began when police spotted two males sunbathing at a Limassol beach, which under coronavirus decrees is prohibited, as visits to the beach should only include a quick swim.

Reports claim that upon noticing police presence, the sunbathing pair ran into the sea. Police hung around until they got out of the water, but once they did, the pair began pushing and swearing at the policemen who were attempting to cuff them. One of the two also refused to provide his identification details to the police.

Two more people who were passing by as the altercation was ongoing attempted to get involved and help the pair break free of the police, leading to their arrest.

A video of the ruckus was uploaded online, stirring widespread reaction across the island with many claiming police used excessive force on all detainees.

On its part, the police have claimed that they used the amount of violence warranted by the situation, as all four had resisted arrest.


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