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17 June, 2024
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Sunday begins with rain and thunder

Weather takes a turn as rain and clouds expected to last through Tuesday


There was rain and thunder early Sunday morning, with chances of isolated thunderstorms to continue in the following days.

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A low pressure system is affecting the area over Cyprus with dust expected to remain at moderate levels through Tuesday.

Sunday skies will be partly cloudy with mid-high passing clouds throughout the day, while showers and possibly isolated thunderstorms are also expected throughout the early part of the day.

Maximums are expected to reach 37° Celsius inland, around 31 in the eastern and southern parts of the island, 29 in the north and out west, while it will be 27 up in the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear but also with increasing passing clouds. Temperature minimums will register 19 degrees inland, around 20 in the eastern and southern parts, and 17 in all other coastal regions as well as up in the mountains.

On Monday and in the early part of the week, weather is expected to be initially clear or mostly clear, while clouds are expected in the afternoon hours with possible local showers or even isolated thunderstorms, mainly inland and in the mountains.

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