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Tatar pushes for energy cooperation while insisting on 'two states'

Tatar highlights the benefits of cooperation between two sovereign states, focusing on energy collaboration, while urging the UK to recognize Turkish Cypriot equality

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TC leader Ersin Tatar recently sent a message to President Nicos Christodoulides, expressing the TC side's support for a solution in Cyprus. Tatar emphasized the importance of cooperation "between the two states living side by side" and reiterated his belief that a two-state solution would enhance prosperity on the island. The Turkish Cypriot press today reported on Tatar's speech from last night, delivered during the launch of his book titled "The Vision for Two States in Cyprus." The book covers his two years as leader of the Turkish Cypriot community and was prepared by Kerem Haser, the "international press officer" of the "presidency," on behalf of Tatar.

Energy cooperation

According to Tatar, the island could benefit from cooperation between the "two sovereign states", particularly in areas such as the economy, tourism, agriculture, water resources, and energy. He suggested that the two sides could share water from Turkey and electricity that is planned to be transferred from Turkey to the occupied territories.

"While in London, I regret that I was unable to meet everyone I had intended to....I was not invited to the Queen's funeral or the King's coronation ceremony..."

Tatar further mentioned that by utilizing the cable connecting Turkey and occupied Cyprus, the island could be integrated into the EU system. He emphasized that resolving the electricity issue is crucial for economic development. As the demand for electricity continues to rise, he appealed to the Greek Cypriot side to support the interconnection project, which involves laying a cable between Turkey and occupied Cyprus to connect to the EU system.

In his address to President Christodoulides, Tatar expressed that finding a solution would create opportunities for all Cypriots.

He acknowledged the existence of energy projects around the island but highlighted the difficulties in accessing the European market through Turkey. To overcome these challenges, he argued that an "international solution" is necessary for Cyprus.

Tatar also reflected on the progress made and new ideas developed during his tenure, expressing hope that by the end of his term, the TRNC (pseudo-state) would gain recognition or at least experience greater acceptance.

Appeal to the United Kingdom

Expressing gratitude to the British attendees, Ersin Tatar highlighted the strong and shared ties between Britain and Cyprus, noting the presence of many British individuals residing in the occupied territories. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to create a better Cyprus, seeking their support. Tatar mentioned that he had discussed this matter with British officials during his recent visit to London.

"While in London, I regret that I was unable to meet everyone I had intended to. I only managed to meet a few officials. I was not invited to the Queen's funeral or the King's coronation ceremony. I conveyed this sentiment to our friends in the House of Lords, expressing that we should have been included, as the Greek Cypriots possess sovereignty just as we do."

Directing his message to the UK, Tatar stated that they anticipate greater involvement from the British government due to its extensive knowledge of the historical context of the Cyprus issue.

He further urged the guarantor government, emphasizing Britain, to acknowledge the Turkish Cypriots' sovereign equality and equal international status. Tatar argued that a two-state solution, based on the principles of sovereign equality, could be achieved in Cyprus. He asserted that such an arrangement would lead to a viable solution in Cyprus and enhance stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The TC leader reiterated his call to the international community to support the "vision of a two-state solution," noting the growing international backing for this perspective.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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