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Tatar to appeal to Putin for a Cyprus policy rethink

Turkish leader envisions Cyprus to become two independent sovereign entities

Source: CNA

Ersin Tatar, the leader of Turkish Cypriots, has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to reconsider Russia's policy on Cyprus.

According to the Russian state news agency TASS, Tatar highlighted the significance of reviewing their stance in the aftermath of events in Ukraine and global shifts.

He believes that direct relations between Moscow and the "northern Cyprus" would benefit both Russia and Turkey, the latter seeking ties with all nations. Tatar expressed gratitude to Russians in the region and called on the Russian government, particularly President Putin, to examine the issue of relations with "Northern Cyprus."

Tatar, recognized as the leader of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," emphasized the need for the island to be divided into two independent sovereign entities.

According to him, this approach would secure Ankara's role as a security guarantor in the north, with cooperation between the Turkish and Greek parts. He warned of potential vulnerability if Turkish troops were to withdraw, suggesting a possible attack from Greek forces without aid to Turkish Cypriots.

The leader asserted that Russia should appreciate Turkey's desire for self-determination for Turkish Cypriots in a separate state in the northern part of the island. Tatar drew parallels with Russia's actions in Ukraine, indicating that Moscow, like Ankara, acts to secure its interests in regions where it feels unsafe.

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