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Technical School students convert car into electric vehicle

The Transport Ministry donated €25,000 for the project

Source: CNA

With €25,000 worth of funds donated by the Transport Ministry, students from the Technical School in Nicosia converted a 1971 VW Beetle into an electric vehicle and presented it to Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos. 

Karousos congratulated the students for their initiative and accomplishment. Speaking at the event, he emphasized that the EU Council decided that from 2035 only zero-emission vehicles will be sold in the EU.

"Our national goal is to ensure that 25% of all new vehicle registrations will be electric cars by 2030 and 100% by 2035," Karousos said. He went on by saying that he hopes that Cyprus will be able to manufacture electric vehicles in the future, however, in order to do so, proper education is necessary.

The Minister also noted that in the future, the profession that will prevail in the field of transportation will be that of engineers of electric vehicles. "Everything will change in the future, even the gas stations.  Right now charging an electric vehicle takes longer than filling it up with fuel the conventional way.  This will change and our way of life will also change in the future," the Minister added.

For his part, the school's Principal, Polys Yiannakas, spoke about the students' original project, noting their hard work, along with their teachers, which resulted in a successful project.


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