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The new smart SafePass is ready

Expected to be available for use by next week

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

In less than three weeks since the decision was made, a new digital tool has been prepared that will give additional potential to pandemic controls. This is the new application created by the Ministry of Research and Innovation which will replace CovPass Cyprus. According to well-informed sources of Kathimerini, the application is ready and is expected to be approved by Google in order to be posted on the Google Play platform from where it will be available for use by citizens. As Kathimerini newspaper revealed two weeks ago, the new application will close gaps and weaknesses that have been observed in the use of the existing digital certificate. At the same time, the "smart" application will simplify the controls and will reduce incidents where health certificates are forged.

How it will work

Once it is checked and approved by Google, citizens will be able to replace the existing application with the new one. According to the presentation made to the Scientific Advisory Committee, the new SafePass will essentially change the philosophy of the existing digital certificate. Taking into account what has been expressed, its use will be mandatory for all daily activities outside the home. The new SafePass will make health checks useable in places with different health protocols. In contrast to the capabilities of the existing digital tool, the new one will be able to compare the protective history of each user with the health protocols that apply in each space and accordingly allow or not allow entry.  In order for the new digital capabilities to be feasible, the application under construction will either draw data from the central unit, or the user will be required to apply a similar update process to the existing one. Whichever method is eventually adopted, the bottom line is that the new app will be up to date on the user's health status. The second important operating parameter of the new application is the categorization of hazards in the basic areas and health protocols. As we were told, with the new application, one will be able to freely enter one area and be prohibited from entering another, where the health protocols will be different. The new application will also provide solutions in cases where young people are required to be accompanied by vaccinated parents or guardians.

The unvaccinated

The new SafePass, it is believed, will significantly reduce the effects of the forgery of health certificates. On the other hand, it will put pressure on a significant percentage of citizens who remain unvaccinated and who, according to epidemiological data, are more vulnerable to infections and serious hospitalizations, significantly burdening the health system. At the same time, the new possibilities will simplify and significantly strengthen the health checks of the responsible services and companies.

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