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Three times as many Cypriots traveled abroad in June

While tourist arrivals in Cyprus exceeded 1.22 million in the first half of 2022

Source: CNA

Cypriots and Cypriot residents traveling abroad increased more than three-fold in June compared with June of last year according to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat).

A total number of 121,146 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in June 2022, compared to 35,361 in the corresponding month last year, recording an increase of 242.6%, Cystat said.

Greece continues to top all destinations with 34.9% of Cypriots, followed by the United Kingdom with 17.9%, Italy with 6.5%, Israel with 4.1% and Germany with 3.4%.

Tourist arrivals in Cyprus

Tourist arrivals in the first half of 2022 exceeded 1.22 million which corresponds to 74.9% of the respective period of 2019, a historic record year, and 63.2% of the arrivals of the whole of last year, according to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat).

The increased arrivals came despite the absence of arrivals from Ukraine and Russia due to the war in Ukraine. Russia was the second largest market for the Cypriot tourist industry although the Deputy Ministry of Tourism has said that the lack of Russian tourists would be offset by other markets.

According to Cystat, the arrivals of tourists reached 372,324 in June 2022 compared to 184,159 in June 2021, recording an increase of 102.2%.

For the period of January – June 2022, arrivals of tourists totaled 1,221,382 compared to 340,984 in the corresponding period last year and 2021, 255.675 in the respective period of 2022 and 1.631.023 arrivals in the first half of 2019.

Tourists from the UK, Cyprus’ largest tourist market, amounted to 41.8% of total arrivals in June with 155,703 arrivals, followed by Israel with 7.3% (27,288), Poland with 5.8% (21,445), Germany with 5.6% (20,906), Sweden with 5.0% (18,478) and Greece with 3.9% (14,435).

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