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Trespasser injured after home owner fires shot

Man hospitalized in critical condition, elderly home owner says he fired warning shot at cable thief


A man in Limassol is in critical condition after an elderly home owner, who was arrested on murder charges, said he fired a shot at someone who was attempting to steal electrical cables near his property.

Local media said an 82-year-old local man dialed the police line on Sunday evening around 7:15pm, saying he had fired a warning shot outside his residence in Alassa to scare off an individual he had spotted in a plot next door trying to steal electrical cables.

Police said officers rushed to the scene where they spotted nearby an injured man, described as a 67-year-old male, who had sustained a shoulder injury.

The victim and alleged thief was rushed to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital and later was transferred to a private clinic where he was hospitalized in critical condition.

It was not stated in the police incident report whether the injury was a gunshot wound. The gun in question was described as a hunting rifle.

Additional reports described both men as Greek Cypriots, with the suspected shooter being placed under arrest on attempted murder charges. He ws later remanded in custody for five days.

CID Limassol agents are jointly investigating the incident with Lania police station officers.

The suspect claimed to police that he had been on the lookout for thieves in the area.


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