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Tylliria's ''halitzias'' gains prestigious recognition

Exclusive geographical indication secured


In a noteworthy announcement shared on social media by the European Commission in Cyprus, Tylliria's halitzias have been officially recognized with protected geographical indication (PGI) status.

This designation underscores the unique characteristics and regional significance of the white cheese, crafted from fresh goat's milk within the small cottage industries nestled in Tylliria.

While not attaining the widespread popularity of haloumi, Tylliria's halitzias have been quietly gaining traction on restaurant menus over the past few years. The distinct flavor profile and artisanal production methods contribute to the appeal of this regional delicacy.

The journey to PGI recognition began with the publication of the application in August, marking a pivotal step in acknowledging and safeguarding the cultural and geographical identity of Tylliria's halitzias.

This accomplishment aligns with ongoing efforts, where the red potato is also actively being considered for PGI registration, showcasing the diverse and distinctive agricultural products originating from the region.

As Tylliria continues to assert its culinary identity on the global stage, the PGI status serves as a testament to the authenticity and quality of the local halitzias, offering consumers a unique and regionally protected gastronomic experience.

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