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Warrant issued after dog poop incident

Husband wanted in alleged assault after Limassol sanitation worker cited wife for dog fouling


An arrest warrant against a male suspect has been issued for assault charges after a sanitation worker issued a citation to a woman for failing to clean up after her pooch.

According to local media, authorities are looking for the spouse of a female dog owner in Yermasoyia, Limassol district, following an incident where she allegedly refused to pick up her dog’s poop at a public place.

According to a statement by the Yermasoyia Municipality, a woman was walking her dog on Tuesday when she was instructed by a sanitation worker to clean up after her pet.

'She refused to do so and instead asked the worker to do it because it was his job in her view'

“She refused to do so and instead asked the worker to do it because it was his job in her view,” the statement said.

A municipality officer, who was alerted to the incident, issued a citation, on the same day, for failing to clean up after the canine.

The following day, very early Wednesday morning according to local media, the woman’s husband tracked down and assaulted the sanitation worker, who was taken to Limassol General Hospital for medical treatment.

The municipality says it will take legal action against the perpetrator, while condemning the incident and saying “this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.”

Police could not confirm the arrest warrant but did not deny that a person was wanted in connection with the alleged assault.

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