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''We are a banana republic'' -Glafkos Clerides

From speeding fines to Akamas woes, monkey pharmacists, and fox killings, we've got it all!



A citizen chased and recorded with his mobile phone a mobile camera driver who was speeding over 140 km/h. I won't comment on the dangerous behavior of both, but I'll take this incident as an opportunity to remind our MPs that the responsible Minister publicly admitted that fines from these cameras are excessively high. He acknowledged that the system is ailing and needs corrections, trapping drivers unjustly, especially at traffic lights. So, when can we expect the enactment of the discussed corrective measures, Mr. Minister? You promised.

The now-independent MP, Alexandra Attalidou, insists that the issues in Akamas must be reported to European committees because in Cyprus, the rule of law "doesn't function without pressure from abroad." Later, she throws barbs at the roles the Departments of Forests and Environment should have played.

However, the sudden withdrawal of an involved official from a radio show when pressed by the journalist raises questions. Are we heading for new misconduct and scandals in Akamas? The freezing of activities on the President's orders indicates something smells bad, and it surely isn't our natural gas.

After Yiannakis, 19 thirteen, and Yiannaki – whose English degree is still being sought by Kanaris as they prepare the corresponding English exam – now there's a stir about fake pharmacy degrees. So, we have monkey pharmacists, with the monkeys further justifying our accurate characterization as a Banana Republic.

Photos of killed foxes by hunters without reason caused outrage. The barbaric act was strongly condemned on social media by animal lovers and beyond. Rumors of a written protest from the well-known fox of Argaka are being verified for accuracy.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and endeavors to capture the tone and message of its original]


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