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The use of face masks indoors is mandatory again (Update)

The Cabinet made the decision today, Wednesday, due to the increasing number of cases in the last few weeks

Source: CNA

The Health Ministry on Wednesday issued an announcement on the mandatory use of face masks in indoor and closed places from July 8th, following a decision taken earlier by the Cabinet. Masks need to be worn by anyone over the age of 12.

Replying to a question, The Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipantela, said that authorities realized that a lot of people were visiting closed places without a mask while having symptoms which resulted in the spread of the virus in recent days. Hadjipantela said that we are now trying to stop the spread while at the same time trying to avoid restricting people too much.

According to the Health Ministry, between June 25-July 5 a total of 19,503 cases within the community were detected from a total of 147,623 tests, resulting in a positivity rate of 13%. Data show that the rise in cases is due to the sub-variants ΒΑ.4 and ΒΑ.5.

Masks are not mandatory at home, while eating or drinking or in the car by members of the same family, including minors. People at gyms, dancing classes, or those working out in any other form do not have to wear masks.  They are not obligatory for cooks unless they are preparing food, while those who have any form of severe neurological disease or learning and other disabilities are exempt.

People who have facial deformities or injuries are also exempt from wearing a mask.

Failure to comply with the measure will result in a 300 euro fine.

The Health Ministry urges citizens once again to follow the measures, practice social distancing and sanitize their hands.  The Ministry also points out that they are working closely with the Scientific Advisory Committee to monitor and evaluate the situation closely and, if needed, additional measures may be imposed in order to safeguard public health.

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