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Three Paphos TOM officers suspended following Karousos' complaint

Police are investigating a possible case of corruption

Source: CNA

Three Paphos Road Transport Department officers were suspended this morning pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation. Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos filed the complaint with the police in connection with a possible corruption case at the Paphos Road Transport Department involving extremely high pass rates achieved by certain driving schools with the assistance of Department officials.

According to police sources, after the Ministry of Transport informed the police about the incident last week, members of the Paphos Police Department went directly to the Paphos Road Transport Department offices to take statements.

The Paphos Police are currently awaiting more information in order to fully investigate the case and complete their work.

The same information reveals that, in accordance with complaints made to the department's management and the auditing service, interference is alleged to have occurred so that the results of applicants for a driving license who go for examination at the Paphos TOM are recorded in the system with codes from other driving schools.

The driving schools' data reveals that this error is frequent, which raises questions.

According to the complaint, despite the possibility of securing short dates for driving license examinations in other provinces, some schools from other provinces choose to systematically transfer their students to Paphos for examination.

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