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27 year old sentenced to two years in prison for starting fire

The man admitted he threw his lit cigarette butt out his car window and started the fire unintentionally

Source: CNA

A 27-year-old man was sentenced today to two years in prison in connection with the fire that broke out near a state forest in eastern Limassol, on July 3, 2021, the same day as the catastrophic fire that followed in the mountainous Limassol - Larnaca.

The accused admitted that during a windy day in Cyprus, he threw his lit cigarette butt out of his car window at around 480 meters from the edge of the state forest.  This resulted in a fire that burned about 10 hectares of dry grass, wild vegetation and pines.

Eight fire trucks and two air tankers were called to put out the fire, fortunately without affecting the state forest.

In its decision, the Criminal Court pointed out that what makes this crime particularly serious is the consequences of the actions of the perpetrator.

"This fact makes it necessary to impose severe and dissuasive penalties to combat these crimes, as well as to protect the property and safety of citizens, society at large, but also the natural environment which plays a key role in shaping the quality of life and the level of health of every human being ", the statement added.

Furthermore, it was pointed out in the statement that the natural environment, especially in our small homeland, is an important parameter of its physiognomy, as a significant number of plants that thrive and a similar number of animals endemic to Cyprus are in danger of extinction and loss of habitat because of fires set by irresponsible people whether intentionally or unintentionally.

In calculating the sentence, the court took into account the immediate confession by the accused, his clean criminal record, his personal and family circumstances, his cooperation with the Police and the fact that he realized his mistake and remained in the area trying to put out the fire himself.


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