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39% reduction in fatal traffic collisions over 1.5 years, police say

Sharp decline in road fatalities reported due to mobile photo-recognition cameras

Newsroom / CNA

Deputy Police Officer B and Assistant Director of the Traffic Police Headquarters Department, Harry Evripidou, has unveiled a remarkable achievement in Cyprus' road safety landscape. He announced that twenty mobile photo-recognition cameras are actively operational across the country daily, contributing to a significant 39% reduction in fatal traffic accidents within just 1.5 years.

Evripidou, at the helm of the camera installation program, emphasized the Cyprus Police's satisfaction with the positive outcomes stemming from the camera initiatives. The program's collaborative approach, undertaken in partnership with a private company and the electromechanical department, successfully tackled any challenges that arose during implementation.

Mr. Evripidou disclosed to CNA that the implementation of the photo-recognition camera system led to a 39% decline in fatal road collisions and over 50% decrease in serious collisions within the last 18 months.** Comparatively, surveys conducted at the European level underscore that this reduction surpasses the 20% average seen in countries with similar systems.

The comprehensive approach includes twenty mobile photoelectric cameras stationed on motorways, urban, and interurban roads, complemented by an additional 90 fixed cameras located at 30 key positions. The initial phase, inclusive of fixed camera installation, has been concluded, and preparations for the subsequent phase are underway. Notably, as of July 24, 2023, the light detection system expanded with four new devices activated to monitor intersections in Limassol.

Evripidou underscored that the commitment to road safety extends beyond equipment, as fixed cameras are already operational in Nicosia and Limassol, controlling various intersections to enhance road safety. In the first phase, six mobile cameras were deployed, showcasing the ongoing efforts to make Cyprus' roads safer for all.

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