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4,000 liters of fuel seized in cross-border operation

Authorities intercept illegal transport from occupied to free areas

Newsroom / CNA

Police officials intercepted a 39-year-old man yesterday afternoon, suspecting him of illegally transporting a significant amount of fuel from the occupied to the free areas of Cyprus. The Anti-Poaching Unit of the PMAD discovered the man while patrolling an area in the Nicosia district.

The man, driving a van, caught the attention of authorities as he crossed between the occupied and free areas. Upon searching, police found a substantial quantity of fuel concealed in a tank within the vehicle, totaling 4,000 liters of fuel oil.

Following the discovery, the man was escorted along with his vehicle to the premises of the PMAD. Authorities from the Customs Department were summoned to undertake further investigation due to their jurisdiction over such matters.

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