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Pediatricians: It is absolutely imperative that all children be vaccinated for seasonal flu

Announcement from the Cyprus Pediatric Society

Source: CNA

It is imperative that children aged 6 months to 15 years be vaccinated for the flu season this year, according to the Cyprus Pediatric Society.

They also expressed their agreement with the Ministry of Health's decision to implement the flu vaccination program for all children of this age range.

"The peculiar and unpredictable conditions prevailing with the continued presence of the Covid-19 pandemic make influenza vaccination absolutely necessary for the pediatric population," said a spokesman for the Cyprus Pediatric Society.

Moreover, knowing that children can easily spread the flu virus amongst themselves and, more importantly, to vulnerable groups, it is crucial that they are protected with the vaccine.

Finally, the possible outbreak and uncontrolled spread of these two infections next winter create the risk of comorbidity and "may test the readiness and ability of the health system to deal with serious cases."


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