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Christodoulides certain he will be the next president of Cyprus

The presidential candidate is planning to meet with President Anastasiades and Averof Neofytou

Source: CNA

Presidential candidate, Nikos Christodoulides, has expressed certainty that he will be the winner of the elections, noting that he will seek to have meetings with Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades, and Democratic Party leader, Averof Neofytou, in view of the second round of the presidential elections that will take place on February 12.

Christodoulides and presidential hopeful Andreas Mavroyiannis will battle it out for the presidency of the Republic, according to the results of the first round of the elections held on February 5.

In statements to the media after speaking before hundreds of his supporters in Nicosia, Christodoulides said that he was fully satisfied with the results of the effort made and looks forward to next Sunday with particular optimism and with certainty that through the meetings that will take place this week “we will win the elections next Sunday”.

Asked if he has spoken with President Anastasiades, Christodoulides said that they spoke about the results of the first round of the elections and exchanged views. Moreover, he noted that he will seek to meet with the President.

He noted that on Monday morning they will evaluate the results in more detail and he will ask to meet with Democratic Party leader Averof Neofytou. He added that other steps will also be taken and that they have a plan on how to proceed during the next days.

Christodoulides said that “the people of Cyprus have embraced our effort which aims to unite the people” adding that there are serious challenges ahead that need to be addressed collectively, as the need to break the stalemate in the Cyprus problem and to ensure fiscal discipline and further growth of the economy.

Moreover, he noted that the people of Cyprus will not allow policies of the past that led to bankruptcy. He sent a message of unity and noted that “what we are interested in above all and for which we will struggle collectively without excluding anyone is to address the challenges, as to solve the Cyprus problem and ensure a flourishing economy.”

In his speech earlier, Christodoulides said that citizens who voted for other candidates “are not our rivals.” He noted that he will continue his effort prudently and with the political ethos” and expressed certainty that he will win the elections.

He said that he remains committed to his decision to create a widely socially acceptable government, with the participation of the most capable people from all political parties and movements, technocrats and members of civil society, with a view to promote social coherence and prosperity and to pursue the termination of the Turkish occupation of part of the country.


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