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Cyprus and Israel strengthen military cooperation with AGAPINOR-2023 (Video)

National Guard general staff and Israeli military forces conduct joint training exercise in Cyprus

Source: CNA

The AGAPINOR-2023 international exercise was held in Cyprus between May 7-11 within the framework of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Program between the armed forces of the Republic of Cyprus and the State of Israel.

A press release by the National Guard General Staff notes that the purpose of the exercise was to train the participating forces in a realistic and ever-changing operational environment, in which they were asked to respond to particularly demanding operational scenarios, to strengthen interoperability, as well as increase their fighting and deterrent ability.

The preparation and coordination of the exercise were carried out by the General Staff of the National Guard and the National Training Center of the Israeli Military Forces.

Chief of the National Guard Lieutenant General Demokritos Zervakis congratulated the personnel on the planning, preparation and successful conduct, as well as for the level of readiness, operational training and their high morale and professionalism.

The press release says that the exercise is part of the international cooperation developed by the National Guard, with the direction of the Ministry of Defence, and is the continuation of the upgraded cooperation between the Armed Forces of the two states.

Furthermore, it says that it is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between those involved and contributes significantly to increasing the operational capabilities of the staff, strengthening interoperability and practically highlighting the excellent relationship between the two countries, which contributes to strengthening stability and security in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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