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Cyprus health ministry announces 14 new cases

Five of the new coronavirus cases detected in Cyprus got tested privately, four of which had a history of travel


Cyprus detected 14 new coronavirus cases on Friday after 3,539 laboratory tests were conducted.

Five take initiative to get tested, four of which with travel history

The first person got tested after developing symptoms. The health ministry announcement said they have history of travelling to Finland, from where they flew into Cyprus on July 29.

The second new case involves a local with a history of travel to the US, from where they returned on August 1.

The third person who took the initiative to get tested had recently travelled to Sweden and came to Cyprus on July 29.

The fourth new case that took the initiative to get tested involves a local who had returned from the Greek island of Paros on July 30.

The fifth person, with no travel history, developed symptoms before getting tested for the virus.

Nine more cases

According to the health ministry, four more cases involved contacts of other known cases, while four more were detected through the program testing employees who returned to work after the gradual easing of restrictions.

The final new case was found positive for the virus after getting tested upon referral by their GP.

The 14 new cases brought total cases recorded so far in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,222. Currently, the Famagusta General Hospital is treating four coronavirus patients, who are described as being in good general health.

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