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CyStat: Gender disparities persist in workforce

Despite women constituting the majority of the workforce, a CyStat infographic reveals a 10.2% gender pay gap and limited representation in managerial roles.

Source: CNA

Although women make up the majority of the workforce in Cyprus, they are still paid significantly less than men, according to data published in a Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) infographic on the occasion of International Women's Day.

In particular, according to the infographic, women, who in 2022 made up 51.2% of the population in Cyprus, make up 60.9% of the labor force. However, they are still paid less than men, as, according to data for 2022, women's gross hourly earnings are on average 10.2% lower than men's.

Moreover, although 54.8% of women aged 25-64 years are tertiary education graduates and 42.7% of employed women work in highly-skilled occupations, only 2.2% of employed women hold managerial positions.

According to CyStat data, in 2022, 15.1% of women were at risk of poverty and they account for 91.2% of victims of sexual offences.

It is also noted that only 14.3% of MPs are currently women.

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