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Commissioner: ''86 years before gender equality is achieved in Cyprus''

Josie Christodoulou reveals Cyprus ranks 21st out of 27 in European Gender Equality Index

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The European Commission has positioned Cyprus at 21st among the 27 member states concerning gender equality, revealed Josie Christodoulou, the Commissioner for Gender Equality. In a presentation of the National Strategy for Gender Equality 2024-26 on Monday, Christodoulou expressed that achieving comprehensive gender equality in Cyprus is anticipated to take 86 years.

The Commissioner underscored that the strategy encompasses 13 thematic areas and 66 interconnected actions, emphasizing a holistic approach to implementation.

"The strategy is designed for comprehensive and interrelated actions. We have already initiated the implementation of actions in various areas," she added.

Christodoulou highlighted that the new National Strategy for Gender Equality builds upon the National Action Plan 2019-2023, considering progress in the Republic of Cyprus and global challenges impacting citizens' daily lives.

"The National Strategy serves as the guiding principle for all stakeholders and state policies, positioning it as the key policy document for gender equality between women and men," she stressed.

She pointed out that the strategy resulted from collaboration and consultation with ministries, deputy ministries, the National Mechanism for Women's Rights, civil society, employers' organizations, trade unions, and academic institutions.

Effective January 2024, the new National Strategy for Gender Equality, based on national and European legislation and policies, was enacted following a Cabinet decision. Coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of the strategy have been entrusted to the Commissioner for Gender Equality.

Christodoulou emphasized enhanced collaboration with all ministries and deputy ministries under the strategy. Gender Equality Officers have been appointed in each ministry to coordinate and collaborate on implementing targeted policies, measures, and actions.

Recognizing the pivotal role of civil society, the Commissioner highlighted continuous communication, suggestions, and the exchange of ideas with the National Mechanism for Women's Rights.

An essential aspect of the strategy, according to Christodoulou, is assessment, accountability, and transparency. Relevant authorities will be urged to submit progress reports, including quantitative and qualitative gender-disaggregated data, and other pertinent information. Based on this, the Office of the Commissioner for Gender Equality, in collaboration with an inter-ministerial committee, will prepare a final report for submission to the Cabinet.

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