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Eighty football teams choose Cyprus for intensive training

Island becomes top choice for 80 football teams' training camps

Newsroom / CNA

Eighty football teams have already chosen Cyprus for their training preparation this year, Tourism Deputy Minister Costas Koumis said on Thursday, noting that last year the total number of teams that arrived in Cyprus for their training preparation was 92.

In statements in Paphos, Koumis said that sports tourism is a special form of tourism that is developing rapidly throughout the world, noting that "for our country it is not something new, but our intention, our desire is to see that this form of tourism is developing rapidly in our country.”

Koumis noted that since assuming his duties, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism has made a series of moves that prove to be paying off.

Today, he went on, he is pleased to announce that "80 football teams have already chosen our country for training preparation this year", adding that "last year the total number was 92 teams".

At the same time, Koumis said, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism has made a series of other moves in an effort to organize sports conferences in the country, and some other sports events.

"We consider that our country is suitable for these events", said the Deputy Minister of Tourism, adding that they welcome the fact that the infrastructure in Cyprus has been upgraded to a large extent.

"We are happy that this year international teams have chosen our country, as well as national teams, such as the national teams of Sweden and Estonia who are currently in Cyprus", he pointed out.

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