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Greek and Cypriot governors to prioritize security

Joint efforts in promoting stability, maritime law, and international relations

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Greece and Cyprus are pillars of stability and security, President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides and Greece's New National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias have said.

At the same time, the President said, strengthening the deterrent power of the Republic of Cyprus is a priority for the government.

Speaking after receiving Dendias on Thursday at the Presidential Palace in his new capacity, Christodoulides said "I am certain that as Minister of Defence, we will cooperate seamlessly, just as we did when we were both Foreign Ministers, especially in the current circumstances with all the challenges we have to face, both Greece and Cyprus, not only at a regional level but also more broadly at a European level”, on the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Greece and Cyprus are pillars of stability and security in the region, and this was the main message we conveyed through our actions, and it will continue to be so now, the President underlined.

Our main efforts are focused on strengthening our deterrent power, the President said, adding “We do not consider any aggressive actions to be solutions. On the contrary, they create problems, and through our consistent behavior, we demonstrate that we do not believe in such approaches. However, strengthening the deterrent power of the Republic of Cyprus, which you will also discuss with the Minister of Defence, is one of our government's priorities and arises from the need to address Turkish behavior in Cyprus”, the President added.

The Republic of Cyprus, as an EU member state, is in a period of particular geopolitical significance where we face many threats, such as terrorism, asymmetric threats, and many others, it is important to enhance our country's deterrent power. Within this framework, I am confident that our cooperation will be excellent, and with your presence in the Ministry of Defence in Greece, we feel even more secure", he added.

On his part, Dendias said there is a long-standing cooperation between Greece and Cyprus. “They have always been forces of stability, striving to implement international law, such as maritime law and international relations. This is the perception of things, which became very clear during the Ukrainian crisis, when the issue of sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and the implementation of the UN Charter were raised. Both countries found themselves on the right side”, he added.

He also said it is very important to exchange views and listen to everything the President has to say due to his vast experience.

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