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Intense policing targets truck and bus compliance

Police crack down on reckless truckers for safer roads


In a dedicated effort to enhance road safety, the police conducted a comprehensive education and enforcement campaign from Monday, November 6, to Sunday, November 12.

This initiative aimed to tackle issues related to truck and bus driving, with a primary focus on reducing road collisions and ensuring compliance with existing regulations.

Throughout the week, truck and bus drivers were actively engaged, receiving information about the potential hazards of non-compliance with current legislation.

The campaign specifically honed in on various aspects, including the technical and mechanical fitness of vehicles, the validity of drivers' and vehicles' documents, speed limitation devices, tachographs, and adherence to driving and working hours by professional drivers.

The traffic police carried out checks, targeting key areas known to contribute to serious and fatal road collisions. Violations such as speed limit breaches and the use of mobile phones while driving were among the top concerns.

During this week-long operation, a total of 225 vehicles underwent scrutiny, consisting of 192 lorries and 33 buses. Remarkably, no infringements were detected among bus drivers.

However, lorry drivers were not as fortunate, with a total of 82 violations identified. Notable infractions included 26 cases related to improper tire conditions, seven involving the misuse of tachographs, and five associated with drivers' documents.

It's worth highlighting that these roadside checks were not confined to Cyprus alone. In a synchronized effort, they were conducted on a pan-European level, showcasing the collaboration between the Cyprus Police and the European Police Road Police Network ROADPOL.

This joint operation underlines the commitment to ensuring road safety across borders and fostering a culture of compliance among professional drivers.

[With information sourced from 24 Sports]

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