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Man drowns while trying to save child

Romanian male dies after diving in Limassol waters to attempt a rescue


A man died in an apparent drowning incident at a beach in Limassol on Friday after making an attempt to save a young child.

According to local media, a 48-year-old male from Romania was at a beach across from Debenhams on Friday evening, close to the Crowne Plaza, when he saw a young child in danger of drowning.

Reports said the man dived in the water in an attempt to rescue the child but ended up drowning himself.

Ambulances rushed the man and the child to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital, where doctors on duty pronounced the man dead on arrival. Local media reported that the child was in good health.

It was not clear from preliminary reports whether the man had reached the child prior to drowning or if he was able to offer any assistance. It was also not specified whether the man had known the child or he was a random person.

Police were investigating the circumstances of the incident.

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