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O. Michaelidis: 'Corruption is tolerated in our society'

He asserted that the Audit Service and the Independent Anti-Corruption Authority are each other's natural allies in the fight against the problem.

Source: CNA

In his opening remarks at a celebration for World Anti-Corruption Day with students from Nicosia universities, Auditor General of the Republic Odysseas Michaelidis emphasized the significance of education, beginning in primary school, for fostering social resistance to corruption phenomena. He noted that "our society shows tolerance, not to mention appeal, to corruption." He asserted that the Audit Service's natural ally in the fight against the problem is the Independent Anti-Corruption Authority (IAA).

The Cyprus Audit Service building served as the site of the AKP-organized event, which focused on the opinions and concerns of young people regarding the phenomenon of corruption and how it affects their daily lives. Tatiana Zachariadou, speaking on behalf of the AKP, as well as the Transparency Commissioner, Haris Pogiatzis, welcomed the event in addition to the Auditor General.

The students in attendance shared their opinions during the discussion that followed, including personal accounts of corruption experiences as well as reflections on corruption in the media and the way that established culture has normalized corruption in daily life. Representatives from NGOs also took part in the conversation.

Tatiana Zachariadou said in her greeting, "We chose this particular day symbolically, precisely to highlight the universality of the issue and to identify the ways in which corruption affects us all, wherever we live. S e continued, "Corruption prevention helps us protect our planet, advances human and gender equality, advances our sustainable development goals, and ensures citizens' access to basic services like health and education."

Finally, she emphasized that the fight against corruption affects not just Cyprus but the entire world and invited the attendees to join the AKP in its efforts by pointing out that everyone is jointly responsible for this.

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