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Open selection ensures 40% women in semi-governmental organizations

85 appointments reflecting gender diversity in governance


President Nikos Christodoulides presided over a Ministerial Council meeting at the Presidential Palace today, focusing on significant governance reforms.

The Government Spokesperson, Konstantinos Letymbiotis, highlighted the importance of the reforms, emphasizing the transparent and participatory process in appointing members to the Administrative Boards of 11 Semi-Governmental Organizations.

For the first time, citizens had the opportunity to participate in the selection of these boards through an open and transparent process, with 76% of the 1078 expressions of interest coming from men and 24% from women.

The Government Council approved the appointment of 85 individuals, including a 40% representation of women as Presidents and Vice Presidents, contributing to a more inclusive and modern governance.

President Christodoulides expressed gratitude to the Evaluative Council for their exceptional work and announced plans for a meeting to evaluate and improve the process further.

The government encourages continued public engagement in the ongoing selection process for the Administrative Board of the English School of Nicosia until January 26.

The spokesperson clarified that while 95% of appointments align with the Evaluative Council's recommendations, in a few cases, individuals from the previous board were selected to ensure a smooth transition.

The overall goal is to enhance the country's modernization and effectiveness, fostering a citizen-friendly state.

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