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Optimism an elusive concept party leaders argue

Statements following Cyprus National Council meeting


President Anastasiades today informed the members of the National Council about his meetings with UN envoy Jane Holl Lute as well as the discussions of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Turkey.

Government spokesman Prodromou said that there was a constructive discussion. He also noted that the six parameters presented by UNSG Antonio Guterres, should be a guide for the Cyprus issue. "We are now awaiting the results from Mrs Lute's meetings with the guarantor powers. After that we can have a better idea where we stand, "he added.

The AKEL secretary general Andros Kyprianou said that "things are extremely difficult with regard to the prospect of resuming the negotiations and according to the information that we have received it would be difficult to restart the talks." At the same time, he noted that without negotiations the Cyprus problem can not be solved, which, he said, strengthens the forces that do not want a solution to the Cyprus problem and gives room for new and dangerous proposals, such as those about a confederation and two states. We must, Mr Kyprianou added, take initiatives that will corner Turkey, something we have not yet managed to achieve. 

DIKO president Nikolas Papadopoulos commenting on President Anastasiades meetings with Lute and Tsipras contacts in Turkey, said that the conclusion is that we are still at the beginning of the new dialogue on the Cyprus issue. Papadopoulos also noted that with the right strategy, our side should hinder Turkey's plans.

The president of EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos noted that three conclusions are drawn from the briefing. "Firstly, through Mrs Lute's deliberations, there seems to be no prospect of agreeing on the terms of reference and a quick resumption of negotiations before June. Moreover, the Turkish side is changing positions, avoiding the issue of guarantees and trying to strengthen its political presence". 

The messages are not optimistic and responsibility for this is borne exclusively by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, said the president of the Green Party Giorgos Perdikis. Mr Perdikis noted that intransigent stance of Turkey and Mr. Akinci continue, adding that there was a significant retreat from the convergences that had been achieved in the previous round of negotiations. "We think it is time to face this reality and to stop as a political leadership to revel in illusions," he concluded.

Solidarity Movement president Eleni Theocharous said in a written statement, among other things, that ''It is obvious that the UN have lost their credibility, given that Mrs. Lute claims that the minutes from the Cran Montana meetings dont exist or have been lost''.





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