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People with a history of cancer will be eligible for insurance benefits

An agreement was reached today between the Ministry of Health, insurance companies, Europa Donna and other relevant entities

Source: CNA

Following an agreement reached on Thursday afternoon and announced by Health Minister Michael Hadjipantelas, people with a history of cancer will now be able to receive benefits from insurance companies as of January 1, 2023.

The Health Minister said, "I feel happy and joyful because after an excellent meeting we had today with the Association of Insurance Companies, Europa Donna, OSAA, the Association of Banks, and the Superintendent of Insurance Companies we have come to an agreement that from 1/1/2023 persons with a history of cancer will be entitled to receive services from insurance companies for the purpose of loans, construction of a first home".

"This goal, which we set in May and thought was unattainable, is now feasible. Our tiny island of Cyprus is one of the first countries in the European Union to implement this measure," he stated.

He explained that the initial plan is to implement the agreement for three years, after which it will be reviewed. "The first step has been taken; now consider the advantages. We are one of the first countries to put this agreement into effect, and we will then re-evaluate it," he continued.

More information about this agreement will be made public in the coming days, following the signing of a joint communiqué with Europa Donna and the President of the Insurance Companies.

Mary Perdiou, Chairman of the Board of Europa Donna, stated that "today is a very important day for us".

She thanked the Minister of Health for introducing this initiative and for standing by them to help achieve this tall order.

"We are very pleased with the response of the insurance companies, with whom we had a very constructive meeting, and it appears that we have a common ground and can move forward without resorting to legislation," he said.

It seems, she continued "that the insurance companies have good intentions, and we, the Association of Cancer Patients, Europa Donna, are pleased on behalf of the patients that they will now be able to be insured and have equal access to insurance policies and, consequently, financial facilities, just like other citizens. It was a significant issue for patients when they wanted to take out a loan. And it appears that with today's agreement, this will be resolved".

Speaking on behalf of the insurance companies, Evangelos Anastasiades stated that the sector is a part of society and pays attention to societal needs.  "We accepted the Minister of Health's invitation to attend this meeting with great pleasure and eagerness. We came with a positive attitude and proposals that were accepted in their entirety, and we are pleased to have reached an understanding, a six-point agreement, that will allow people diagnosed with cancer to enjoy the benefits of life insurance," he concluded.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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