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Police vigilance prevents unauthorized entry in evacuated Chlorakas flats

Unsecured child in vehicle leads to traffic offense

Newsroom / CNA

Five private security guards will watch over the evacuated apartment buildings in Chloraka around the clock. Additionally, ADE Paphos patrols will cover the entire area, as confirmed by Michalis Nikolaou, the spokesperson for ADE Paphos and CID Paphos manager.

According to Mr. Nikolaou, the Community Council of Chlorakas and a private loan management company deployed these guards to the area. Furthermore, the Department of Public Works has started installing building grates at the entrances of the apartment buildings since last Friday. This installation is expected to be finished tomorrow or the day after.

Mr. Nikolaou mentioned that, despite the police already following evacuation instructions for the apartment block, they conduct daily extensive checks to prevent anyone from reoccupying the premises.

In another development, the police received a total of 30 traffic complaints during an operation from 7:00 PM yesterday to 7:00 AM today in the Chlorakas, Embas, and Tremithousa areas. According to Mr. Nikolaou, one person was found driving under the influence of alcohol, two were under the influence of drugs, and six were caught speeding. One driver was also reported for having an infant not properly secured in a child seat, along with other minor traffic offenses.

Nikolaou informed CNA that the police continue coordinated 24-hour operations involving checks and patrols to combat crime and enhance security in the broader area.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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