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Showers and isolated thunderstorms - When will the dust subside (live image)

The detailed forecast

Source: CNA

A weak low-pressure system is present in the area. There will be sporadic, sparse dust in the air, but it should stop early on Wednesday.

Initially mostly clear, today's weather will gradually turn partly cloudy, with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms possible, mostly in the mountains and inland regions. The predominant wind direction will be from the southwest to northwest, with gusts up to moderate 4 Beaufort locally on the southwest coast. There will be choppy to rough seas. On the south and east coasts, temperatures will increase to about 28 degrees in the interior, to about 26 degrees along the rest of the coast, and to about 17 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight's forecast calls for mostly clear skies. Winds will be mostly from the northwest to the northeast, light to moderate in places, and measuring 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be choppy to rough at times. The temperature will fall to around 16 degrees inland and on the coast, and around 10 degrees higher in the mountains.

The weather will be mostly clear on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but there will be increasing clouds in the afternoon, which may cause isolated rain, especially in the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to gradually fall until Friday when they will be close to average climatic values. 

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