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Synagermos firmly in opposition, says Paphos Mayor

Mayor Phaidonos emphasizes that government lacks a compelling narrative for future


In an exclusive interview with ''Kathimerini,'' Paphos Mayor Phaidonas Phaidonos asserts that any speculation about Synagermos aligning with the Christodoulides government is definitively put to rest.

Emphasizing that Synagermos will steadfastly remain in opposition, Phaidonos contends that the momentum has waned for those advocating Synergy's inclusion in the government. According to him, the government lacks a compelling narrative and vision for the country's future.

Addressing the municipal election processes, Phaidonos deems it a political anomaly for privileges within a party system. He challenges the notion that only the center should have the privilege to engage with both the right and the left, suggesting similar collaboration between DISY and AKEL.

As the municipal elections near their conclusion, concerns arise about a perceived party bargain. Phaidonos calls for serious reflection among parties, criticizing a seemingly transactional approach devoid of considerations for qualifications, past accomplishments, and integrity. He highlights the paradox of parties endorsing candidates based on political expediency rather than principled choices.

For more insights, delve into the full interview with Andreas Kimitris in the print edition of "Kathimerini."

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