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Tatar: 'Discussions on air and naval bases still ongoing'

The TC leader declared that Turkey has had historical and legal rights to the island since 1571 and that these rights will continue

Source: CNA

In remarks to a Turkish Anatoli news agency correspondent regarding the year-end assessment, the TC leader stated that the illegal airport in occupied Lefkonoiko was given to "security forces" to serve as a base for Turkish IHAs. "You are aware that there are some studies being conducted for the naval base as well. These (the air and naval bases) are being evaluated very carefully."

"The Republic of Turkey serves as a guarantor. Our motherland is the Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey is the region's most powerful and largest country." He continued, saying that it is critical to maintaining stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, rights in the Blue Homeland, and the region's Turkish-Greek balance.

He added that the Turkish Air Force's dominance of the pseudo-state's airspace, as well as IHA and SHA (weaponized drones), gave them strength.

Turkey has historical and legal rights to the island dating back to 1571, which will be maintained, according to Ersin Tatar. "The Turkish Cypriot people are extremely pleased with Turkey's EU guarantees that the Turkish Armed Forces, the Mehmetchik, will be stationed on the island as a deterrent force, because our security here is guaranteed only by the presence of Turkish soldiers on this island."

According to the TC leader, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean regarding natural gas, hydrocarbons, energy, and other issues have increased the political and strategic value of the pseudo-state in the region, and he emphasized the importance of the "country's" sovereignty in the airspace, FIR, and maritime jurisdictions.


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