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Turkey's illegal Navtex sparks outcry as Cyprus government responds

Government spokesperson condemns the violation of national airspace and maritime area, pledges to file complaints with international organizations

Source: CNA

The new Navtex issued by Turkey is illegal, Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis, told CNA on Monday, stressing that the national airspace, FIR and maritime area are the responsibility of the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.

Invited to comment on the new Turkish Navtex where for the first time Ankara reserves areas for illegal exercises very close to the coast of Turkish-occupied Famagusta, the Spokesperson said that "the National airspace, FIR and maritime area are the responsibility of the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus " and added that this Navtex "is illegal just like the previous ones."

He noted that instructions have been given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to submit complaints to the relevant international organizations.

Letymbiotis also said that the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre issued an anti-Navtex informing that Turkey's exercise "is illegal and constitutes a violation of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, international law and maritime security procedures."

It is recalled that according to CNA information, "the new illegal Navtex issued by Turkey to conduct a search and rescue exercise next week off the coast of occupied Famagusta is repeated every year. The exercise culminates in June when Turkey's major exercise in the occupied areas of Cyprus is held."

CNA sources also said that "usually the areas reserved by Turkey for the conduct of this exercise are located in the open sea. However, for the first time this year the areas committed reach the coast of occupied Famagusta". It added that "the only authorized station in the area of responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus is the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre".

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.

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