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UK pledges humanitarian aid to Gaza from their bases in Cyprus

PM announced plans to use British bases in Cyprus for aid to Gaza


In a significant foreign policy address at the Lord Mayor's dinner, UK Prime Minister Rissy Shunak announced plans to use British bases in Cyprus for transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The initiative aims to alleviate the suffering in the Middle East, emphasizing a two-state solution as the long-term answer.

Addressing Israel's response to the recent Hamas attack, Shunak stressed the need for self-defense while urging compliance with international law.

He highlighted the importance of protecting civilians, facilitating aid to Gaza, and curbing extremist violence in the West Bank.

The speech also underscored continued support for Ukraine in its battle against the Russian invasion.

Notably, this year's address followed the surprise appointment of former Prime Minister Lord David Cameron as Foreign Secretary, who promptly engaged in discussions with US counterpart Anthony Blinken on Middle East issues, the war in Ukraine, and bilateral relations.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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