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Police investigating attempted child abduction

According to reports, the woman is facing chronic mental issues


Police are investigating a case of attempted child abduction.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 7th of September, police received a call from a grandmother claiming there was a woman at her door asking to take her grandchild and believing the child was hers and that the child had asked her to raise him.

According to the grandmother, the suspect followed them home from the kindergarten where she picked up her grandchild and followed them home. She then knocked on the door and proceeded to call out to the child, calling him by another name.

Police rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect. Meanwhile, a relative of the suspect had appeared at the scene and apologized for the woman’s behaviour.

Parents at the kindergarten are worried and want answers.

The woman will be examined by a psychiatrist to determine her mental state. According to 24news, the woman suffers from chronic mental problems.

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