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Yet another flamingo dead from ingesting shrapnel

The area in and around Lake Paralimni is littered with shrapnel from a nearby shooting range and from local hunters


Another flamingo has died from shrapnel found in a lake in Paralimni. 

According to Georgia Coshandi, who posted pictures of the bird on her social media page, the flamingo looked as if it was in distress as it approached the shore.  She immediately took it to a local veterinarian who took X-rays and found large quantities of shrapnel lodged in its stomach and throat.

The veterinarian proceeded with gastric lavage to clear the bird's throat and stomach, a procedure frequently used to remove toxins that are ingested in animals or human beings.  Unfortunately, the flamingo succumbed to its injuries and died.

This is the second flamingo that has died from ingesting shrapnel at the lake in Paralimni.  Another flamingo had been found recently that had also ingested shrapnel but had managed to survive.

According to reports, the area in and around Lake Paralimni contains large quantities of shrapnel originating from either the nearby shooting range or from individual hunters in the area.

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